. photo shoot .

Audra turned ONE almost 2 months ago.  For 2 months, I have been asking Dave to take pictures to celebrate her milestone.  We finally got around to it.  The light wasn’t the greatest (because it was snowing…..hello, in April), but we had fun!  Audra did amazingly well.  She was such a trooper and reminded us why we think she is the cutest one-year-old around. Now I have to sit down and sort through & edit over 225 pictures!

The boys are definitely in love with their little sister.  They/we all have nicknames for her.  In no particular order, they are:
. Audgie.  Audgie Paudgie.  Paudge.  Pizzy. Sissy.  Sissy Missy.  The Audge.  Izzy Pizzy.

I honestly don’t know where some of them came from, but they fit her and she responds to each of them.  She is such a cutie and everybody’s favorite baby around here.  She is crawling and getting into everything she can.  She is starting to think about pulling herself up.  She can point to her toes & nose; can say “Shhhh” with her finger.  She signs “more” and “please.” She loves to read/play with books; she is currently sprouting 4 new teeth; and she is has the best smile ever!


2 thoughts on “. photo shoot .

  1. These are professional pictures! Can we hire Dave sometime? Hope that all will work out quickly for you. We think of you often! Love your blogs – so honest!

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