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Thanks to some dear friends, I have recently begun quilting.  Now I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination; and when I do sew my motto is “NO UNPICKING.”  Which would beg the question, why in the world would I want to quilt?  Quilting is a precision art.  There is really no fudging, all the tiny pieces need to line up just right.  I can’t explain it, but there is something therapeutic about it.  I am able to leave my life and just focus on cutting 2 1/2″  or 3 1/4″ squares; sewing triangles together; pressing it all just right; and then seeing that it somehow all worked out (for the most part).

I trusted these friends so much I actually went into a quilt store and signed up to do a block of the month.  Every month we construct four 6 1/2″ squares.  At the end of the year we will have enough squares to make a quilt.  This is not my favorite quilt pattern, but it has been a great way to introduce myself to this art.  In January I wasn’t so sure about this project, but now I am slightly in love.  And it gave me something to do over our “less than ideal” Spring Break.  I was required to show my blocks from last month on the 1st Monday of the month, at that time I could also pick up the next month’s set.  I literally walked in the door from picking them up and immediately started cutting and then proceeded to sew and finish all my squares on that same day.  I got slightly addicted and enjoyed every second of it (well, maybe not the unpicking).

Not only is it fun, but I’m beginning to see how quilting is like my life.  Sometimes I do things as quickly or easily as I can, and it usually turns out that I have to either redo what I have done, or it doesn’t turn out how I had envisioned.  I want to give everything my ALL, and I even though I am considered a perfectionist sometimes easier just sounds better.  What I’ve learned is that if you take the easier/lazy way, you have to be willing to live with the consequences :)!  Man this quilting business is going to my head.

AND, we are finally able to take a small breath…..Dave’s first offer came yesterday!  It is from the company which is located in Arkansas, but has offices in several other states.  At this point they would like us to relocate.  We will talk details on Monday & are still awaiting the second offer from the company in Orem.  Still lots of details & unknowns, but at least we are moving in the right direction . . . .


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