. my legacy .

Obviously I have not been in the mood to blog.  This past month(ish) has been tough.  The sun came out a bit today and it brought me back to life, somewhat.  I failed to mention that on April 1st my Grandpa Tanner turned 95 – and that is no joke :-)!!  Hello, that is a long time to be alive.  He and my grandma still live in the house they built 60+ years ago.  They are both in reasonably good health and have been nothing but amazing examples to me.  I feel blessed to come from such a wise, spiritual, giving, and blessed family.  My grandpa recently sat down and recorded some memories of his life; he then sent every member of his family a copy.  It has been fun to hear about his life growing up and what he remembers . . . wonder what I would remember at that age?  It is good to remember how I have been raised and what a heritage I have.  Can’t help but feel blessed when I do.  Dave was able to attend Priesthood session with him and captured some great photos!


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