. some assistance .

So, my life has been compromised.  It’s true.  Dave is in my space because he’s got no other space to go to.  (I have a love/hate relationship with that predicament).  The kids are off schedule and happily enjoying having the neighbors stay with us while their parents are away.  The weather is just plain ridiculous and wintery.  There are too many unknowns and items up in the air . . . I just can’t wait to have my life back :-)!  Or at least to have it a bit more predictable.

In the meantime, Conner continually  reminds me that it is April, which means his birthday is coming up.  Excuse me while I ask him how many days . . . . oh, that’s right 17!  He is very excited about this upcoming date.  It is a big birthday.  He will be turning the magical number of 8, which means in a few short weeks we have ourselves a baptism.  That is where you all come in.  Since I have nothing else to worry about (smile), I thought I should start thinking about his big day and what traditions I want to start.  What are some baptism traditions you have taken part in?  What are some you have heard of or liked?  We will, of course, be buying him some new/nice scriptures.  I’m thinking more about that day and what we can do to make it as special and memorable as possible.  Would love some ideas.


2 thoughts on “. some assistance .

  1. Grandpa has a special present he gives to the boys for baptism. (I don’t know what we’ll do for the girls. That has become a tradition. If you can count 2 times as a tradition. My opinion is less is more. The day should be remebered for the ordanence,family, and the special feeling when you come out of the water all “clean”.

  2. One thing my family did that I liked is we had everyone who attended the baptism (not people from other children’s families) sign their name in the front cover of our new scriptures – kind of like a wedding guest book. Even though the scriptures I got when I was eight have died and fallen apart, I kept the cover. It has signatures of grandparents who have now passed and is a special reminder of that day.

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