. we’ll see .

I hear the following statements at least a handful of times EVERY day from Logan:
“I really want a puppy.”
“Remember I really want a dog.”
“When are we getting my dog?”

We are not in a position to get a canine companion at the moment, but I thought we should at least let Logan see a dog in real life and see how he reacted.  We headed to a local pet store for FHE.  Man those puppies are  C U T E!!  Logan was a bit apprehensive (as I thought he would be), but Audra stole the show.  She was in L O V E!  She would have picked one of the puppies up and squeezed it to death if we would have let her.  She was not afraid to pet them and loved getting her finger licked over and over again.  One of them ended up nipping her and she wasn’t too thrilled about it — she didn’t cry, she just acted super surprised that one of these creatures she loves so much would harm her :-)!  It was a fun activity until the car ride home, which included Logan screaming and crying that we didn’t actually buy a dog……..soon enough I have a feeling.


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