. take my word .

Very few pictures have been taken in the month of March…..I guess my photographer is spending all his time looking for employment.  But that doesn’t mean the action has slowed down around here.  Because there is no “proof”, you’ll just have to take my word for it:

. Audra has officially started using crawling as her primary method of movement.  It almost happened over night and now I am kicking myself (and my photographer) that we never captured her crazy backwards scooting action.  She is getting faster every day and is into everything – the toilet and toilet paper being her favorite.  It is absolutely the most adorable thing to see her getting around.

. G & G Mac came for a lovely visit.  The kids all had a fabulous time playing games, reading books, shooting marshmallows, watching movies and enjoying the goodies they brought to share.  I now have the cutest toes around thanks to Mel and a fabulous pedicure!  And Dave got to work on his shot with his dad.  It was wonderful to have them here and we SOOO appreciated their generosity and fun times!

. Our new ward continues to be a change, but I did get a calling.  I am now the Relief Society Activities Coordinator (AKA Enrichment Leader).  Don’t know why they would pick the biggest party pooper there is, but I get to work with some amazing women so we’ll make it fun!

. We are learning that life without health insurance means the 3 year old shows no signs of his 3-week cough going away……time to go to the doctor, cash in hand and hope they can help us.

. St. Patrick’s Day brought Larry the Leprechaun to our house.  Instead of sending the boys on a scavenger hunt, he left them some “delicious” gold (maybe he was feeling a bit lazy this year :-)) and some Lucky Charms!  We also enjoyed an interesting Irish & green dinner.  Oh, and Conner was asked to bring a green food to share with his class.  I sent a jar of pickles which Dave assured me would come back unopened.  Turns out 2nd graders really like pickles – they ate half the jar.

. This morning Dave and I discussed that having him home right now is actually the most expensive vacation EVER and it’s not even fun.  Sometimes it’s better to not think about how expensive daily life is and wonder when we will have income that will assist us with that predicament.  We continue to have faith that something really good is just around the corner.  He has had several interviews.  Some we have decided are not a good fit.  He has contacted lots of companies.  There is one company in particular that seems like it would be a good fit.  Dave had an awesome telephone interview with them last week and was scheduled to fly to Little Rock this week to have another interview, but apparently the whole state of Arkansas goes on Spring Break so it has been pushed back a week.  It’s hard to wait, but Dave is super excited about this company and they are super excited about him . . . the only problem —- it’s not in Utah.  There are a lot of things still up in the air, so I won’t bother speculating.  He could end up working from home, we could move to a number of different locations, or we could find something else locally.  Can’t wait to be able to look back on this time and see how it all worked out.

. Dave and I finished up our personal training at the gym.  It was a wonderful experience and one I wish I could afford.  I will miss the associations, the exercise, and learning how much I can actually do.  Lucky for me, Dave has offered to personally train me at home…..should be fun!

We will continue to MARCH forth and enjoy the many blessings we have, including all the money we are saving on gas by not having a commute (it’s a stretch, but a blessing nonetheless).


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