. hmmmmm .

I think I’ve learned my lesson.  When Dave calls me in the morning (earlier than he usually makes contact with me) I should just know it is not going to be good.  It was about 6 months that he called to let me know if his melanoma diagnosis.  This morning it was to inform me that he has been laid off – last day tomorrow.  Yip, those morning phone calls are bad news (literally)!

We knew Dave’s company was struggling, but thought we had a little more time or that it might possibly turn around.  But that’s what it is!!

I kind of feel like I am going through the stages of grieving for the loss of our ward and Dave’s job.  I’ve made it farther along in the process over our ward and am just starting the process with unemployment.  I was feeling fairly angry about the ward boundary changes, until last night.  We had “new” ward party and it was really nice to get to know or re-know the new folks in our ward.  They are all super friendly and are excited that we are bringing so many kids with us – we are doubling the size of their primary.  When it comes to Dave’s job I think I’m still in denial.  I don’t really want to deal with this stress right now and am bugged that we made such an investment in this company and it hasn’t panned out as it we had hoped.  But isn’t that just like anything in life.  It is just another reminder that we are not in control; our Heavenly Father has a greater plan and we just have to trust that through the trial comes great blessings.


And so we are "soaring" onto to bigger & better things!




5 thoughts on “. hmmmmm .

  1. I am sooo sorry to hear that, I love your attitude about the situation. I hope everything works out for you guys in the meantime. Good luck! Will be hoping and praying that something much better comes along soon!

  2. You guys sure have had your share of bad news. I’m sorry about this job loss. We know Dave is so capable and that all will work out–sooner or later. Good luck!
    I have a feeling we are getting closer and closer to a ward split here. So many people have suddenly moved in.

  3. Our ward is splitting at the end of the year. My guess is that Caleb’s two best friends are going to be in a different ward. Sad for us.

    Remind me what Dave does. If I remember correctly, he has done something similar to Jeff in the past. I’ll have Jeff keep his ears open for anything at his job.

  4. Oh Amber! Wish we could help. Prayers will be given for your family. Just know that you have friends and family who care a great deal. Love to you. Aunt B.

  5. Well DANG! I’m sorry about Dave’s job. How frustrating and nerve wracking. However, I have no doubt things will work out. Dave is super smart, hard working and faithful. And he’s lucky to have your support! Good luck and keep us posted!

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