. the birthday party .

Turns out we didn’t do any celebrating on Saturday night.  The whole fam-damily is sick!  I hope this is not going to be a tradition, that there is sickness in the house every year on Audra’s birthday.  But we made up for the missed night last night with my family.  We enjoyed a nice dinner together and then we broke out the cake.
History of the cake:  Probably about 9 months ago I saw some small cake pans in a magazine.  I ordered them, just because.  Just because I have a problem with buying kitchen gadgets that sound/look fun.  Once I received them, I knew I would be making a birthday cake for Audra with them.  I had NO idea how difficult it would be to frost, but I knew she wouldn’t care :-)!

We had been practicing for a week to get Audra to blow.  She actually can blow, so we had high hopes that she would blow out the candle.  But of course she was too mesmerized by the loud singing and fire in front of her face.  And I thought for sure the cake would be a wash, like it has been with the other kids.  Neither Conner or Logan were really into the cake.  We had to force feed Conner and Logan just stared at the cake in front of him like it was going to hurt him.  It took Audra about 30 seconds to try the frosting.  She decided she liked it and went back for more.  And then more.  And then more.  And pretty soon she found the cake.  It was SO fun to watch!!  As Dave said, “she was our most destructive one-year-old!”

She also had fun with her presents.  I love how excited she looks in most of the pictures.  Like she was really into this “getting new stuff” business!  What is up with her tongue in all these pix?  She must be really concentrating :-)! It was such a fun birthday, mostly because the boys helped make it an event and loved watching their sister celebrate!  I have the best 7 1/2, 3, and 1 year old!

On a less celebratory note:  last night our ward boundaries were changed.  We were made aware of this upcoming change 2 weeks ago.  It has been a LONG 2 weeks, full of lots of speculation (too much speculation in my opinion).  I feel okay about the change.  We are no longer part of the ward we have been in for the past 10 years, but we do know lots of the people in our new ward because they did a boundary realignment about 7 years ago and we are going back with lots of those folks.  My biggest beef with the whole deal is our church time.  In January our ward time was at 9:00, so we have had 7 weeks of that time.  Now we go back to 1:00.  Dave and I have lived in this ward (2 different houses) for 11 years and have had 9:00am church ONCE!  Yes, you read that correctly.  It has been a series of unfortunate events, but we always seem to get stuck with afternoon church.  I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have two children who nap in the afternoon….just makes Sundays really long and it’s nice to know the time change is coming.  Apparently NOT for us!  I know it’s going to take some time to adjust to this change and it isn’t going to be entirely easy, but I do feel it was the right thing so I can sustain the action.  It was a busy day!


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