. the next day .

One year ago today I made a visit to the acupuncturist first thing in the morning.  She assured me that this should put me into labor and if it didn’t I should come around dinner time for another round.  I felt no change all day and was preoccupied with a very sick 2 year old.  We started planning for the induction the following day.  I was unable to get a second round of acupuncture because Conner was in the school play that night and I wanted to see it since I honestly didn’t think I would have been able to go (all along I thought for sure I would have a newborn by this point).  While I went to the play, Dave took Logan to the Instacare where we learned he was in fact very sick and would not be allowed to be around the baby anytime in the near future.

I have to say that I do remember being very aware of my body that day.  I kept waiting for a change or a sign that I was going into labor.  I also remember not being very hungry and kind of feeling yucky – I think I was mostly stressed.  I also remember being very worried about Logan and was concerned about leaving him in the care of Grandma.  I think that is a natural feeling as a mom when you have a sick child, you want to be able to take care of them.  Turns out I had nothing to worry about, he had a fabulous few days with Gramma Mac!

Going to bed that night brought many strange emotions.  I remember not sleeping very well.  I was anxious about the induction and was worried about the baby.  My mind was going a million miles a minute and the next morning . . . .

…to be continued….


i was feeling very contemplative, just like this cute gal




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