. love bug .

In my mind Valentine’s Day is sort of a silly holiday.  I think it is good for enjoying class parties, making pink, heart shaped treats, and maybe dropping a sweet note to the hubby & kiddos.  That is precisely how I see my Valentine’s Day going.  I will be participating in Conner’s 2nd grade class party.  I have already made way too many FUN Valentine treats (to give away, of course).  And I just happen to have a little something for those sweeties in my life.  I also plan to make a nicer dinner. And hopefully we can enjoy being a family who loves each other during FHE :-)!

BUT . . . since there just happens to be a day designated to being in love, I need to let Davey know how much I do love him.  He works incredibly hard for our family.  He is always available when needed.  He walks in the door from work happy.  He teaches our children things I could never teach them.  And he treats me like I deserve the world (which I don’t most of the time).  He’s such a treasure in my life and has given me 3 more treasures.  I’m grateful we fell in love so quickly and have stayed in love.

{LOVE} does not consist in gazing at each other
but in looking outward together
in the same direction.
(Antoine Saint-Exupery)


One thought on “. love bug .

  1. Well, what can I say? My Amber is incomparable in her talents and beauty, and I am just lucky to have caught her.

    Side note: this is the only way the photographer of a family ends up in a picture.

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