. sweetie pies .

I’m certainly not opposed to having music playing in the car while driving & either are my children.  Logan, especially LOVES to have it loud.  He will sing along, boogie a bit and just loves it.  On Sunday we try to keep a more reverent car.  That means if I’m driving we’ll tune to the soft Sunday sounds :-), or if Dave’s driving — silence (he can’t stand the cheesy Mormon music).  On the drive tonight, it was silent.  Well, until Audra started playing her lip with her finger – hilarious.  Then Conner joined in.  He stopped.  Audra started again.  She stopped.  Logan started.  It was like a symphony of buzzing lips and it was the sweetest sound around.  Dave and I were all smiles ….. we needed a reason to smile right now.

And yesterday the kiddos were full of smiles enjoying a lazy Saturday morning together.  Those boys just love their sister and & think she’s quite fond of them as well.  At least her shrieking upon seeing them would lead me to believe that is the case.

There is only one happiness in life, to {LOVE} and be loved.
(George Sand)



One thought on “. sweetie pies .

  1. It really was so cute last night. Audgie is getting more vocal, and more musical. She is saying “da-da,” and I’m pretty sure she means me. I’m toast-How do I keep from spoiling her?

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