. balled .

The problem with the internet is people and their blogs.  No, really.  There are too many creative folks out there.  They make their stuff, take pictures of it, post it online, I come across it, and decide I have to make it.  A few weeks ago I came across a crepe paper ball I just had to recreate.  It ended up taking WAY too long, so instead of making 3 as I had originally planned, I made just the one.  BUT, it got me wanting to make other cute balls.  I knew I could use these balls in my Valentine’s decor, and then reuse them in Audra’s bedroom.  I can now say I am officially done making balls (at least for a while)!  Now I can get back to all my other duties and attempt to not come across any other great ideas.

{Love} makes the world go round.


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