. the new pet .

Well, apparently the tadpole saga from last Fall is going to continue.  Yesterday morning the two tadpoles that we ordered arrived (which is in itself a strange phenomenon…..how could two little tadpoles possible survive the freezing temps and being thrown around in the mail).  Continuing on….so I followed all the directions and got the guys all situated in their habitat.  I need to digress and mention that the first thing I did before putting them in was clean out the entire habitat with hot water.  I learned that you can only fill it up with so much water or it will run out the sides and bottom.  This just happens to be integral to the story.

So, the quarter inch squirmies are all settled in.  The kiddos and I leave for the night (Dave is working late).  When we return, Logan is anxious to check on or new pets.  I had my back to him and a few minutes later I hear Logan say something about there being lots of water.  I turn around and find that he has somehow tipped the habitat and spilled at least half the water.  I, unfortunately, discover that one tadpole is missing.  I’ve never wished Dave was here more.  I had to think quickly and smartly.  I started by cleaning up the water on the floor while attempting to locate the TINY little thing.  It wasn’t anywhere that I could see.  I knew I somehow needed to get the top off the habitat and attempt to flood it to see if our little guy was somehow stuck underneath.  I tried for several minutes and couldn’t remove the lid.  So, I calmly told Conner that we were now the proud owners of ONE tadpole.  He was okay with that news, but it just kept bugging me not knowing where it could be.  I took drastic measures — got serious and got the lid off –I found a large bowl — set the habitat on top — got a large cup of water (now it is important to mention that tadpoles require a certain type of water and will die if become exposed to “regular water”, but I was in a hurry and not thinking) — and poured it down the sides.  I was super excited to hear Conner yell, “there it is!”  YES, WE HAD SAVED the tadpole!  Well, almost.  I had to somehow get it from the bowl to the habitat.  Audra’s little spoon served to be the perfect candidate.  So far he appears to be doing fine, I’ve got my fingers crossed.  And Logan has definitely learned his lesson.  Both he and Conner were crying — Logan because he had to apologize to Conner (and I think he realized what he had done wrong) and Conner because he has waited a long time for this day and it wasn’t going as he hoped.  We’re all good now and I get to keep track of these little guys until they become bigger and f r o g s (ooh)!  Hopefully it won’t be quite as exciting from here on out.  What a night!


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