. brrrrr .

So it’s cold!  No, it’s freezing!  Actually it hasn’t been near or above freezing for 2 days now.  Yesterday the wind was ferocious!  It blew all day – and it blew hard (60 mph according to the lovely weatherman)!  Luckily we didn’t lose anything or suffer any damage.  That is not the case for a neighbor’s trampoline, which is now bent in half, upside down in a local field – like I said the wind was hard!  Oh, and the temperature….when I dropped the kids off at school it was a balmy 14 degrees.  I could hardly bear to send them out into that awfulness – Conner’s eyes immediately started watering and he kept getting blown backwards.

Anyway, on days like that it seems like I can’t ever get warm.  I just want to snuggle under a blanket and be cozy all day; too bad I’m the mom and that isn’t always allowed (or even possible).  But that mean doesn’t the kiddos can’t enjoy a warm blanket and a cartoon.  Aren’t they just stinking adorable?


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