. belted .

As you can see, after 2 years of Karate, Conner has severely outgrown his white Gi.  What to do? What to do? . . . . Oh I know, have him be so totally awesome at Karate that he tests for his brown belt.  By so doing, he is now the proud owner a bigger, black Gi (well, he’ll get it next week).  After enjoying the day at the children’s museum, as a family we headed to Conner’s big test.   Dave and I were SO amazed & proud as he watched him during this very challenging test.  Not only did he have to know all 5 of his brown belt techniques, he had to be able to do 2 techniques from each of the previous 5 belts.  It was he and another student who was at the same level, testing at the same time.  And Conner did outstanding!

Dave took way too many pictures, so I had lots to choose from which I am happy about.  I like being able to remember how I felt watching him doing these things I honestly didn’t know he could do.  Yes, Conner has accomplished a lot and he deserves to be a member of this new level in his skill.  Now it is on to getting his Junior Black Belt.  When this kid puts his mind to something, he sure can do amazing things!


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