. the rundown .

We had a wonderful week celebrating the birthdays!  It kind of turns into a 4 day celebration to cover the 2 birthdays.  I was able to start my birthday one day early with friends  & meals – spending both lunch & dinner with friends – it was awesome!  Dave took me out on my birthday because Ali was amazing enough to make the long trek to babysit.  It was awesome to spend the evening with just him.

Since Dave’s birthday fell on a Sunday (the worst day for a birthday in our opinion), we were able to spend nearly all day on Saturday together.  Pretty sure we haven’t spent that much time together since Audra’s birth.  So fun!  Then the kids and I threw him a mini/early birthday party that night, complete with a small (& leaning) cake.

Sunday was Sunday!  Mad dash to get to church; wrestling match during church; all to enjoy the long afternoon.  The kids and I gave Dave his presents from us and that gave Dave something to do & enjoy for the afternoon.  Then we were able to spend the evening with family…….

It was a busy few days!  And it concluded with a tooth loss.  Conner was eating a cupcake at Baptism Preview on Sunday night; he bit down on one of the edible pearls and it pushed his tooth up.  By bedtime it was out!  It’s been awhile since he’s lost a tooth and now I am beginning to see that the orthodontist is very much in our near future.


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