. he’s the man .

Today is a special day.  January 16th has been a special day in my life for 13 years now, but after this past year I think this year it might be just a smidge more special.  I am beyond grateful that my husband is here with his cute, curly ear to celebrate another birthday!

For my first Christmas gift to Dave, 13 years ago, I wanted to give him something special.  He had mentioned several times (in the few weeks that I knew him before Christmas) that he LOVED Mount Timpanogos.  I decided to take a picture of it and frame it for him.  We still have this picture and recently I got to thinking about it.  Dave is a lot like this mountain.  Timpanogos is a highly recognized mountain – it is a landmark.  So is Dave in a lot of people’s lives (mine especially).  He is always there; he is the foundation of our family; he keeps us steady & strong.  Mt. Timpanogos has many adventures to offer – some are more challenging than others (I’ve climbed to the top so I am speaking from personal experience).  Dave is also quite adventurous.  He will try just about anything and loves a good challenge.  I am continually learning this from him.  He also brings many adventures into our life – some better than others. But no matter what they are, just like the view from the top of Mt. Timpanogos, or the beauty in the cave, it always ends up being worth it because we get to learn & grow together.

Dave is very influential in my life and I know in many other lives – obviously his looks as very influential as all my children seem to share his appearance.  Love it!  I am so blessed to have him with me as we “hike” this trail together!  He is the most amazing dad.  He walks in the door from a long day at work which includes a LONG drive, and jumps right in to help out.  The kids love to play with him!  He is just an amazing man who wants to continue learning, and who is caring and responsible.  I have loved getting to know him and growing with him over the past several years.  And I love celebrating all that he is on his special day.

Happy, happy birthday Davey!


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