. blessed .

It’s 2011.  That means it is time to start creating + editing my 2010 blog book and family photo book.  I started with the blog book.  As of tonight I have edited through May 2010.  It has been an absolutely awesome experience going back and reading what I have written.  There are two words that keep coming to mind:


I really do have it all!  I am so glad I wrote down the things that I did (I can’t even be upset at the things I didn’t record) because it has served, already, as such a reminder of all I have been given from a loving Father in Heaven.  It has allowed me to reflect on the people in my life and experiences I have been given!

Can’t wait to keep editing (the late nights are worth it)!

{my photographer hasn’t even broken his camera out of the bag this year, so I don’t have one single picture from 2011}


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