|that’s all folks|

Well, at least for this year.  Since I have gotten in the habit of creating books out of this blog, on a yearly basis, I thought I should somewhat wrap up this story of 2010.  And what a year it has been.  Today I spent some time driving and got to thinking; life is really just like a road (or a highway, as Logan would like me to say as he sings along).  We just keep moving along.  We have stops along the way and slow downs; sometimes there is no traffic and things cruise along smoothly.  Sound cheesy, I know, but right now I feel like we are going through a bit of a bumpy patch.  Last year I remember thinking I couldn’t wait for 2009 to come to an end, because surely 2010 had to bring a better year.  Turns out I’m just as anxious for this year to conclude.  It really has been a doozy of a year.  There have been a fair amount of struggles, trials, or bumps in the road, and there have been a few high points sprinkled in.

As I think about 2010 there are 4 highlights that come to mind immediately:

1.  Audra Kate!  She is an absolute angel in my life.  I love, love, love calling her my daughter.  She is such a delight from the moment she wake ups until she heads off to sleep again.  She has the most contagious smile.  She is so snuggly and loves to perform for anyone she can.  She has been such a saving grace this year.

2.  Logan Jack!  Even though he has entered a somewhat trying stage (turning 3), he is still absolutely hilarious.  He is so creative and busy.  He always finds something to do and loves drive cars anywhere and anyhow.  He loves to be involved in whatever is happening – cooking, cleaning, other projects.  He will figure out a way to help.  He also says the darndest things – his vocabulary has come such a long way.  People love being around him, he is so social.

3.  Conner James!  He is my oldest and a treasure to me.  Not only does he help me when I need it (usually), he loves to do it especially when I give him a bigger responsibility.  He is such a fantastic friend-kids just seem to flock to him.  He continues to impress & challenge me with his knowledge.  His love of reading is so outstanding to me and I’m excited to see what his educational future holds. He loves to learn new things and I see his eyes light up when he excels or enjoys what he is doing.

4.  David Brian!  Not that I think I have ever taken him for granted, but his skin cancer this year surely reminded me how truly blessed I am to have him as my companion forever.  We met when I was young; we married very quickly; we didn’t really even know each other and somehow we have created a wonderful, happy, and successful life and family together.  I want him by my side for the rest of this life’s journey because he keeps me strong, sane, and striving to be better.  Plus, he loves to change poopy diapers :)!

These 4 beautiful people are IT!  They made my 2010 a wonderful “EXIT” on our road.  I am looking forward to the journey ahead…..


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