……and the morning brought:
parents who couldn’t sleep, but kids who could.  Well, apparently Conner woke up at 6, but then he claims I said he couldn’t come out until 8, so he just laid in bed until we came to get him.

stocking fun full of lots of treasures and surprises.  After going through his stocking, Logan separated the Lightning McQueen items (of which there was a lot) from the “other” stuff.  He then told us we could put the other stuff away (he wasn’t interested in it at all)!

lots of other fun presents – some that were asked for and some surprises (as Conner liked to keep reminding us).  And who would have thought that 2 silly plastic sleds would be so useful & popular.  Conner used his to roll his mighty beans; Logan used his as a race track.

a sleeping little girl, who missed about an hour of the fun……

the family – who also missed about an hour of the fun, but then brought more fun with them.  Including Grandpa’s infamous book (or should I say, Ali, Megan & Tyler’s famous book).  The book of hammock stories was a hit so I guess it was worth all the work (thanks guys)!  Also brought was a present for Kade which Logan has decided is actually his 🙂

It was a very Merry day indeed!  Christmas is lots of fun with kids who make it magical and memorable!




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