|christmas eve|

We really did have a nice holiday this year.  It was strange that Christmas just snuck up on me and it almost didn’t feel like Christmas despite all the preparation I had done.  Of course there were more things I wanted to do with my kids, but there is always next year.  On the other hand, I couldn’t wait for Christmas to get here because Conner was as hyper as I have ever seen him……obviously VERY excited which was cute (and obnoxious)!

Christmas Eve was low-key and we all had fun being together as a family.  The kids (and Grandma & Tyler) decorated the annual gingerbread house – may be one of the cutest ones yet.  We exchanged our favorite stories of Christ and brought an item to represent that story which we placed in a box.  We had way too much food, several guitar battles, and the cousins enjoyed swapping presents a day early.

I was also able to give my kids their traditional pajamas.  I went a different route this year.  I usually do Christmas-themed p.j.s.  This year I stuck with what I knew they would love.  Logan got some Lightning McQueen jammies (which are WAY too small, but he’s attached), Conner now sports some Star Wars pajamas, and Audgie did end up with a girly Christmas pair.  They also liked their ornaments; Conner was quite fascinated with it.  I know they will appreciate them more down the road.

Of course the kids couldn’t wait to get home to go to bed (NOT), but they were excited to pick out their cookies and carrots to give Santa & the reindeer.  Conner even wrote quite the note to Santa which he left atop the cookies.  Then it was off to bed.  Everyone was excited for what the morning would bring……


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