|the day before the day before Christmas|

Two nights ago we attended the annual Bell Family Christmas party.  We were lucky enough to have Santa come and join us.  I could not believe how excited Logan was to see him and sit on his lap.  Unfortunately he thought since Santa was there, his presents would be also :-)….but a candy cane helped ease the disappointment.

Audra was a bit nervous to be sitting the lap of large, hairy stranger but got over it long enough to take a picture.

After much consideration, Conner also sat on the lap of Santa…..and then he sat, and sat and sat.  I couldn’t hear all he was saying, but he sure had A LOT to tell the jolly old fellow!

The night ended with a rousing White Elephant exchange; and good food and times were had by all in attendance!  Definitely got my kiddos more excited for Christmas – as if we needed more excitement.  Conner is literally jumping out of his skin with excitement; he is driving me and Dave crazy.  Our Christmas tree will also be excited when the big day is over……turns out we didn’t pick the best of trees.  Our amazingly tall variety is quite brown and brittle.  Sad to say, but looks like we’ll have to remove the specimen from our home later Christmas day (fire hazard)!  Even though we definitely will NOT be having a white Christmas, I can feel the Christmasness and am excited for the time with my family.


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