|part of the club|

December 16th was a big day for my little sister.  Ali graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design.  She claims that now she is part of the club…..the family college graduate club (all 4 of us have received our Bachelor’s degrees).  She is still anxious to join the marriage club 🙂 but that’s a story for another day.  Since she finished up her education in December, she was unable to have an official graduation ceremony. Or that’s what she thought.  My dad put together quite the “unofficial” ceremony with all of our participation.  She was surprised and it was a fun way to celebrate all she has done at college and for our family in the last few years.

The ceremony was complete with quite the impressive printed program (way to go dad), a dramatic interpretation (AKA – a song written for Ali, but entertainingly spoken by Uncle Mark since the singer was unable to come), and diplomas from each of us!  It was a very good time and I am so proud to have such a talented, beautiful, wonderful, awesome sista!
Al, welcome to the club!!


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