|winter whirlwind|

my front porch all decked out (please notice my wreath made out of PLASTIC ornaments)

Okay, okay…..I’ve received several inquires about my lack of posting so I’m going to buck up and just do it!  Might be easier now that my dining room table is finally cleared off and I have room to breathe and put my computer.  Glad that the neighbor gifts have been delivered.  Glad that the rest of the wrapping is taking place on my bedroom floor (out of sight, out of mind).  Glad that I went to the grocery store late at night to avoid the crowds and hopefully another trip before the big day.   Why is that Christmas comes and feels like it is strangling…..maybe engulfing is a better term?  I love the feeling that Christmas brings, just get bogged down in all the “stuff” (decorations, presents, planning, food) – you know the drill.

Needless to say, I haven’t been bored since my last post.  Mostly exhausted.  Amid the craziness there has been some JOY!
My mom got her PET scan results yesterday and they are good.  The spots from the previous scan are still there, but they are less active, so we are all breathing a huge sigh of relief.
Dave had his biopsy today.  They did a punch biopsy on both ears, they are then going to compare the cells and determine what is next (if anything).  We will hear back next week.  Dave said it best: “wish this cancer business was all over.”
Conner FINALLY got his winning bike last night.  It has been quite the fiasco arranging all the details and avoiding the blackout dates, but as we speak he is out riding in the frigidness!  He’s excited!
Audra is feeling better and is the darn cutest thing ever!  We all fight over her.  Logan is always saying he wants her.  He loves to sit and hold her.  We all love to play with her, kiss her, snuggle her, and just be with her.  Her and Dave recently took an early morning “nap” together which he thoroughly enjoyed.  {She woke up super early and I wanted to work out, so Dave said he would take her.  When I finished, I found them sleeping in our bed – CUTE}
Logan recently informed us that his tithing settlement statement stated that he would never pick his nose again. Two days later I found him picking his nose and quickly reprimanded him.  He then informed me he was going to go upstairs and pick his nose and then be right back down.  He LOVES to do anything he’s not supposed to……so we are currently looking into leasing options.  We’re sure we want him back when he’s like 5 or 6, but right now there are days we wouldn’t mind selling him :-)!

We are having fun getting ready for Christmas.  Conner is hoping for snow, and I’m hoping for some time with the kids just hanging out.  As I finish up our annual electronic card, please enjoy this little ditty of what happens when you attempt Christmas tree pictures with 3 kiddos……..oh that I could Photoshop better!


One thought on “|winter whirlwind|

  1. I’ve been hoping you would write about the scan results. So happy that things aren’t worse. That is good news. Hope that she is feeling ok.
    Love your honesty about the hard things of life and the funny things too. The kids are so cute. Yes, it does seem like some “stages” will never end but the do! And now you have blackmail material!
    Merry Christmas! We hope for great news next week for Dave.

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