It seems that we have a tendency to take things for granted; and then suddenly they are gone and we realize how good we had it.  This has been the case this week.  I knew Audra was an awesome baby, just didn’t realize how good until she got sick.  She has got quite the stuffy nose and you can tell she just doesn’t feel like herself.  Because of this she hasn’t slept as well, and hasn’t been as self-entertained.  I always love holding my baby, but it is hard when I can tell she is uncomfortable.  It has definitely put a kink in my daily plans, but mostly it has reminded me how much I love her and appreciate her being so dang cute!!!  She recently weighed in at just under 20 lbs.  She has mastered clicking her tongue, clapping, and strumming her finger on her buzzing lips – we call those her tricks and love showing them off.

She loves eating cheerios, puffs, peas, cut up fruit, and all that baby food!  She is in love with her brothers and lights up when she sees them, plus they LOVE playing with her and getting her to smile and laugh.  She is just so sweet and content and we all hope she feels better soon!


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