|somebody is older & wiser too|

It has become apparent to me that no matter how much I say December is going to be simple and not stressful, it just isn’t so.  We are 9 days in and I am ready to be done……don’t get me wrong I am really enjoying this holiday season this year.  I love how Logan requests Christmas music every day, I love seeing my kids look for the elf every morning, I love the smell of my house from the gorgeous tree, I love the coziness I feel being with my family, and I love playing the Santa card whenever there is contention in our home.  It has been a fun year, but nonetheless there are lots of things to be done!!  Which is why this post is several days late.

On Sunday my mom celebrated another birthday.  Birthdays sure mean a lot more to us now then perhaps they did before.  I know that we as a family feel very blessed to have the privilege of enjoying another birthday with my mom.  And it turned out to be a good one……I think all of our gifts made her cry – isn’t that the ultimate reaction.  It was so nice to be together as a family to enjoy dinner, peppermint ganache filled cupcakes, and presents!  But really it was just the being together that meant the most.  We all hope we get to celebrate lots more birthdays in the future!


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