This kid just makes me laugh.  He continually entertains all of us.  He is a crack up.  He comes up with the craziest things to say.

Most recently, he has decided that he enjoys being “nakie.”  He’s has gone so far as to eat lunch naked (but then got stuck on the barstool because it was too painful to get down by himself :-)).  He especially loves to be naked with just his cape on.  The other day he came out from his nap with no pants on.  I asked him where they were and he responded they were bugging him so he took them off to sleep.  His newest phrase is:  “I just can’t wait.”  When I ask him what for, he usually responds with, “Oh I just can’t wait” or something really silly.  The way he says it leads me to believe he is going to follow-up with something really exciting (like Christmas, for more snow, etc.).  Speaking of which, he is constantly changing his mind about Christmas, “I change my mind, I want …… instead of ……”

He also has a huge fascination with the snow.  Everywhere we go, he has to walk in the snow.  Most of us are trying to avoid it, but that kid is drawn to it like a magnet.  He is slowly learning that it is also slippery, so holding my hand is probably a good idea.  But he is rarely found crying over being hurt.  He recently took a head-first tumble down the outside garage stairs and just jumped right up.  He is quite durable :-)!

He also thinks HE knows best and should do everything HIMSELF.  He often likes to say, while being a bit rough with his sister:  “she likes it!”  He thinks if you can’t see the germs they don’t exist, so he shouldn’t have to wash his hands after using the potty.  However, he also uses these germs as an excuse to not go to bed: “my germs say I don’t need a nap.”  He is VERY good at whining & crying and manages to accomplish this MANY times throughout the day; but we love to laugh with & at him, and are never bored with him around.


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