|turkey time|

It’s done!  Thanksgiving is over.  It’s back to real life and duties.  But it was a wonderful weekend in Southern Utah. Despite all of the hype, the “storm of the century” turned out to have a stronger bark than bite.  It was chilly (VERY chilly) when we pulled out on Wednesday, but the roads and skies were clear as the 6 of us headed south.  Yes, 6.  We were able to pick up Dave’s Grandma in American Fork and take her with us on the adventure.  Everybody did amazingly well on the drive down — I mean Logan claimed he needed to go potty many times, but that was to be expected.

The boys were SO excited to get to see their cousins and even more excited to be staying at their house (Thank you does not begin to express our gratitude to Nate & Tasha  as they opened their home to our family for 4 days).  They all got along very well and spent countless hours playing Mario Galaxy 2 together . . . the parents pretended we didn’t know because it allowed us to be together playing games and catching up.

This year was unique because we were able to mix Tanners and McNamees.  My parents determined that this year they really didn’t have anyone for Thanksgiving so Dave invited them to join us and they took him up on the offer.  Grandma, Grandpa and Ali joined in on the festivities and it was a great group this year.  Mel always does amazing food and this year she did not disappoint (she calls Thanksgiving her holiday, and I would whole-heartedly agree).  She had crafts for the kids and had even crafted a McNamee Family Game.  She pulled out all the stops and everyone had a wonderful time.

We failed to take our Thankful Jar with us, so tonight for family night we will be enjoying reading that.  25 days of gratitude was not nearly enough for me.  I have found that when there is nothing else, there is always gratitude.  After this weekend, I am incredibly grateful for my in-laws.  Dave’s parents are some outstanding, giving, and thoughtful people.  I am grateful Dave has a brother who he gets along with and who has such a wonderful family.  I am grateful for my family.  My parents are incredible examples to me of thoughtfulness, caring, and being genuine people.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.  I am grateful I have the relationship I do with my siblings – they are all examples to me in different ways and I love learning from them.  My heart was very full this Thanksgiving.  So full I haven’t even considered removing the decorations and bringing out Christmas.  I hope I am able to teach gratitude to my children because it certainly makes the world a better, more enjoyable place.


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