|and the winner is….|

{these are terrible pictures but at least they somewhat capture the moment - the principal did a great job of really building up the excitement before announcing the winner}

Conner!  Today Conner’s school had an assembly.  At the end of the assembly they gave away prizes.  These prizes are part of a program at school called Ken Garff’s Road to Success.  The kids are able to earn tickets when they read a certain amount.  The tickets are turned in at the school and quarterly they do a drawing for prizes.  The more reading a student does, the more tickets they can turn in thus improving their chances of winning something.  It’s a pretty exciting program and the grand prize is a bike.

Yesterday after school Conner’s principal called to tell me about this upcoming assembly.  She told me they had already done the drawing (because they have so many prizes it would take too long to do it the day of) and Conner was the ultimate winner of the BRAND NEW BIKE!!!   She invited us to come if we wanted and told me all the details.  Dave and I just had to play dumb all night, knowing that today Conner would be the super star at school :-)!  Logan and I just returned from the assembly.  I think Conner was pretty much in shock.  Shocked that they called his name; shocked that he was the winner; shocked that Logan and I were at his school taking pictures of him.  Just all around shocked.  Can’t wait until he gets home so he can tell us how he’s really feeling and how the rest of his day went.

So Conner really is a winner, but he’s not alone.  Excuse me while I lay out some feelings I’ve had since yesterday’s phone call.   I honestly feel like this new bike is an answer to prayer-or a much appreciated tender mercy.  A bit of history:  Conner (finally) learned how to ride a bike this summer, and since he has had his bike for many years it was quickly apparent that he needed a new, larger version.  He decided that is what he wanted for Christmas.  I told him if that was the case, Santa would only be able to bring him one other small gift because of the value of the bike.  He was fine with that and was excited about his new bike.  A bit more history:  When Dave took the job he currently has we knew it was going to be a sacrifice (it is a start-up, so although the current payout is not ideal we have hopes that it will be well worth it in the future).  As time has gone on, the sacrifice has become greater.  Oh and it doesn’t help that Dave got skin cancer and lost a tooth which required a crown (w/out dental insurance) 🙂 j/k!  I never want to seem ungrateful, so although things are quite tight right now, I am SO grateful Dave has a job he loves; I am grateful we have the comfortable life we do; and I am grateful for the opportunity to be humbled.  Christmas is approaching and we are preparing for a very simple celebration, which is actually making me look more forward to the season.

Having said all of that (and thinking lots more), it literally brought tears to me and Dave’s eyes yesterday after hanging up with the principal.  I KNOW this is a blessing from Heavenly Father.  It is a much needed reminder that He is always aware of us and our situation.  We are feeling very blessed today and I know that bike will be a forever reminder to our family of the love from our Father in Heaven.  So, actually we were ALL winners today in a much more meaningful way.


2 thoughts on “|and the winner is….|

  1. This brought tears to my eyes!! So many blessings come when we are least expecting them. I appreciate it when people can express their gratitude as you did so beautifully. We love you.

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