|the hills are alive|

I think it is no secret that my all time favorite movie is “The Sound of Music.”  Has been since I was little.  I remember watching it and “The Swiss Family Robinson” nearly every Sunday.  Loved, loved, loved them.  Shortly after we were married Dave bought me the VHS version.  Then a few years ago, he surprised me with the DVD.  We watched it at that time, and it has been put away since.  I decided it was high time I introduced the awesomeness to my kiddos.  It was Sunday and somehow all the Veggie Tales got deleted off the DVR, Dave was at choir practice, I needed a shower and wanted some peace & quiet.  I really didn’t think they would last more than 15 minutes.  Well after nearly an hour I came down and found this:

they were glued; they loved it!  Conner told me he thought he understood the story.  I explained it to him – how could he possibly understand WWII, and I realized what a history lesson it really is.  He also can now sing Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do.  I am so excited that I can now sit down and enjoy it with my family…..I hope they get as excited about it when they are my age!


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