In the past week, several of these toy catalogs have come to our home.  They have been the most popular thing in the house…..I most often find Logan looking through them.  He is looking for anything and everything Lightning McQueen (from the movie “Cars”), and when he finds it, he wants it.  Everyday he tells us it is time to do Christmas…..which in his 3 year old mind means it is time to get some of this Lightning McQueen stuff NOW!  Totally doesn’t undertand the concept of time, so the more of these we get the more stuff he’s going to want and the slower the time will pass :-)!.  Conner just looks at the prices.  We have told him that if he wants a new bike he will only get like 1 other small gift, so he just looks for the cheapest thing (a boy after my own heart).

The silver lining in all this wanting and wishing is that because I have several newspaper subscriptions, there is a catalog for everybody…..which eliminates the fighting.


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