|when the world gives you apples trees|

Take family pictures!

Not just family pictures, but family pictures on a budget.

On a budget, means free!   Which means having the sister + her family come.  We take their pictures and they take ours.  This works because Dave has a nice camera, we found a beautiful spot (and the owners graciously allowed our trespassing), and the weather was PERFECT!

Taking pictures with 3 kiddos is always a challenge, and we had a few adventures along the way.  All the adults wish we had a video of our very animated antics in getting children to smile + look at the camera.  It was exhausting! Overall we ended up with some great {FREE} pix, so it was worth all the effort.

Here are some of the “duds” that illustrate the joys/challenges of picture-taking and children.  More pictures to come  . . .  once i have a chance to sift through hundreds of pictures, edit + post!


notice the 'extra' red racing car 🙂

this kid + his ridiculous faces

the orchard was quite muddy - luckily we were mostly done at this point

our cute girl just couldn't take anymore

a candid moment




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