Really that is how it felt…..like Halloween was drawn out and out and out . . . . I personally think Halloween is a ridiculous holiday, but the kiddos sure make it much more fun!  This post also feels drawn out, as I have been attempting to download and edit pictures ALL DAY!  I will be glad to hit the ‘post’ button and move on.

Last Thursday I was able to spend the afternoon with Mrs. W’s 2nd grade class (Conner’s class) helping out with the Halloween party.  Logan was my helper and he just LOVED being with the big kids.  He acted just like one of them; raising his hand when he thought he thought he knew the answer, and making friends with all of Conner’s friends!

A few moments after finishing up with that, we took the fam to Logan’s Preschool Halloween Carnival.  It was quite the production – very impressive for his teacher to go to that much effort.  She had about 10 different stations/games to stop at.  The kids have been earning “money” all month to pay to play the games, so they were able to cash in their coins for some fun & prizes.  A great way to kick off the weekend.


The Friday before Halloween always means NO SCHOOL!  In the past we have visited the zoo, but since we recently did that I wasn’t sure how to spend the day.  Conner was able to attend music class with us, which was very fun.  Then we jumped in the car and headed to Dave’s work for a bit of early trick-or-treating.  Logan was thrilled to have any excuse to wear his Darth Vader costume, and we were thrilled to have any excuse to show off our Star Wars trio (we really think our Princess Leia is the cutest one around)!  Since Dave’s work is @ Thanksgiving Point, I decided it was high time we check out the Museum of Ancient Life!  It was awesome!  It was deserted! The kids were exceptional!  It was the best way to spend an afternoon out of school!

Saturday was Halloween (in Utah).  We enjoyed carving different faces out of our pumpkins.  Logan requested a mad face (fits quite well for our obstinate 3 year old).  Conner wanted a witch face and I just wanted a jolly 0ld fellow…..I think they turned out really well!  We anticipated rain all day, but were able to accomplish the yearly Fall yard slaughter.  And just as the sun was nearing the horizon, the rain started!  So did our little Halloween party!  We had the parents, M&T&K, and Ali & the new beau over for some food and fun during the trickntreating.  Luckily it was Dave’s turn to take the kids, so they headed out in the downpour.  All the rain didn’t put a damper on Conner & Logan’s spirits.  They had been looking forward to this day for A LONG time, so no amount of cold or rain was going to get in their way.  According to Dave, Logan didn’t remove his mask the entire time – despite running into many obstacles along the way.  They returned with their goods and were happy as can be.

Just a sidenote on the costume sitch:  At some point a few months ago Logan mentioned wanting to be Darth Vader (pretty sure that is because of Lego Star Wars on the Wii), Conner has been Yoda for the past 2 years (I don’t think Gramma Mac anticipated we would get so much use out of the costume she made) and was up for repeating that once again, I googled Princess Leia and found a baby size costume, so we were on our way to having a Star Wars themed holiday.  We got lots of compliments and it was fun to see them all together!

Since Sunday was officially the 31st, I thought I should do a little something – I decided on pumpkin waffles (just added a little food coloring to our GF pancakes and strategically poured the batter)!  It was a fun-filled, exhausting weekend.  Now we can move onto the month of Thanksgiving!


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