I have heard the UEA weekend referred to as “Utah’s Exodus to Anaheim.”  Well, I have a new term: “Utah’s Exodus to the Animals.”  Since it was Fall Break and there was definitely not the Fall chill in the air, we thought the zoo sounded like a fun activity to kick off the little break.  Apparently, we were not the only ones with the idea.  It was definitely super crowded, but we had an enjoyable time.  Logan was gung-ho about going to see the animals-talking about it for days.  As soon as we got there, he was begging to get back in the car.  Luckily, once we pushed him in he couldn’t get enough.  He was desperate to see a jaguar (probably because of “Diego”) and wouldn’t you know that our zoo does not have such a creature.  However, he can’t read so there was another wild cat that we were able to convince him was the jaguar (a little white lie here and there is sometimes the difference between a good time and a temper tantrum).

Conner was a good little helper, pushing strollers as needed and taking Logan to see the animals up closer!  He kept saying what a fun day at the zoo it was!!!  Indeedio; especially since Audra was very happy and compliant – just chilling in the stroller taking it all in!

Since the day was VERY warm, we decided to cool it off by heading up the canyon for dinner.  Ali was bringing her newest beau down from Logan for us to meet and we wanted to take in the fall leaves.  Well, we went from toasty to very chilly in no time.  It didn’t help that as soon as we arrived, Conner fell in the creek and his feet up to his ankles were sopping wet.  Dave got us a good fire going, but all the children were “freezing” (as Logan kept saying) so the evening was pretty short.  But it did involve tin foil dinners and some tasty s’mores!

It is always nice to have a short break from school and the schedule it requires, but I will be glad to be back on sched tomorrow!  And hopefully we will start seeing more Fall like weather here soon as we gear up for Halloween.


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