|the big day|

Believe it or not, Logan’s birthday was quite a hit.  Unfortunately the festivities fell on the same day as the start of “canning 2010”!!  Which means I haven’t been able to sit down, relax, and reminisce.

In the last year, since his last birthday, Logan has:
* {most notably} become potty trained
* started Preschool
* become a big brother
* learned how to run & dribble a ball

* become quite a little cooking helper
* learned to count to 10
* moved to a big boy bed
* learned to love bug catching

And many other wonderful things!  It is so fun to watch him grow up —- I love spending so much one-on-one time with him every day!  Today, he and I went to the park and had a little “birthday party” with some friends who also have their birthday this week.  It is so fun that my close friends have kids who share this birthday time (all 3 of them within 4 days)…..we plan to do this every year!  Hopefully next year will not require a dumpster dive (hilarious story, but we do what we have to for our kids)!

Like I said, Logan’s birthday was great, but because it was drawn out over so many days even after his birthday he thought he should still get presents every night!  He’s learned :-)!  He has slept in his Lightning McQueen pajamas every night since Monday, he spends several hours a day in his pirate tent, goes crazy driving his new rc bus, LOVES racing on the Lightning McQueen track, and has enjoyed his cake every day.

I’m glad it was a good day for him.  It was very productive for me — we got nearly 30 cans of salsa & peach salsa done, peach jam, and frozen peach slices!  There is nothing more rewarding (and exhausting) than canning!!  Glad it’s done for this year.  “til next year when we celebrate another birthday and do some more canning…..


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