|he’s 3|

This day 3 years ago was a memorable one.  Around dinner time I noticed what seemed like contractions coming every 10 minutes.  I didn’t think that could possibly be so, as my due date was October 14th (3 weeks away).  2 hours later, still had the contractions.  A call to the midwife; and she suggested a warm bath.  She also didn’t think they were really contractions because she had just checked me that morning and thought I was just cramping from that.  After the warm bath, the contractions were not going away.  Now it was time to call the family and doula for a heads up.  Contractions kept coming stronger and closer!  By 2:30 am we were on our way to the hospital.  2 hours later, Logan Jack was welcomed into the world!

Logan’s life up to this point has been an ADVENTURE for sure!  The first year and half were spent wondering “What the heck?!”  The kid was colicky, fussy, didn’t sleep through the night, and just didn’t seem comfortable.  When he was 15 months old, we finally learned that he was gluten intolerant.  After removing gluten from his diet, he became a different kid.  He started developing more rapidly, talking, and was finally a happy little guy!  Since then Logan has really become one delightful kid.  His personality keeps us laughing and smiling.  He is so smart (Dave and I refer to it as “street smart” rather than book smart like Con), gregarious, sharp, creative and lovable.  He loves to give hugs and loves to be snuggled!  He loves to watch “Curious George,” “Jimmy Neutron,” any show on Nickelodeon and Disney channel.  His favorite foods are waffles and chicken nuggets (gluten-free, of course) and peachies.  He’s rather musically inclined and loves the music class we take together.  He’s a great friend and brother — loves to help out and do things with Con (as he calls him)!

Logan has many names……Bubby & Logie being the most popular!  He has been so excited for his birthday, and because the kid literally worships Lightning McQueen you can guess the theme.  He has requested a Lightning McQueen cake and a Lightning McQueen box from Target (what?)!  I have a bone to pick with the Wilton cake people – that cake pan is ridiculous and I would definitely say that 4 hours on that cake was not worth it.  Well, not until I cut him a piece and the look on his face was as if he just won a million bucks – priceless!

His birthday celebration has been drawn out.  Starting with attending Preschool on Thursday to highlight Logan.  He was SO excited to have Mommy & Audra with him.  The kids LOVED seeing my secret bag of goodies that described Logan.  Then Saturday Dave took the boys to the Wendover Air Show!  He loved the big jets, but the cars were his favorite.  Sunday night was Tanner family dinner to celebrate his birthday along with MaKenna’s upcoming 6th birthday.  Today will be a family celebration.  We love our Logan and definitely need him in our family!


2 thoughts on “|he’s 3|

  1. Happy Birthday Logan! I made that exact cake for Zack’s 3rd b-day. It does take a lot of time but it sure looks good and cute!

  2. I call this kid Bobby. He is such a fun little guy. Super smart. Super witty. Super individualistic. He makes our family really fun.

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