|bright side|

I had a roommate in college who could ALWAYS find the silver lining.  It really is a great attribute to have, but she sometimes took it to the extreme and it became annoying.  I personally think it is okay to be bugged sometimes.  This whole skin cancer/surgery/recovery business has been quite stressful, but as I look back on the last few weeks I can totally see some “brighter” moments — maybe even some humorous times:

– in the hospital after the nurse guy retrieved me from the waiting room, I walked along side Dave’s bed down the hallway to the recovery room. He was still pretty out of it, but talking.  As we proceeded another party (who looked just like us: husband in bed, wife & family walking alongside) was traveling in the opposite direction.  There wasn’t enough room for me to walk alongside the bed, so I hung back while the nurse pushed Dave.  As he passed the other party, Dave said, “Sorry, they think I can’t walk myself.” As they passed me, I made the appropriate hand signal against my head letting them know (silently) that he was very out of it/crazy.  The wife turned around and said that her guy was on his way to be the same way.

– when Conner saw Dave for the first time it was after school.  Dave was laying in bed with the ear cover off.  I could tell Conner was a bit apprehensive about coming in, but once he did Dave showed him his ear.  Conner’s response, was great: “Oh, it looks like normal again.”  Just what Dave needed to hear.

– how about the fact that I “talked Dave’s ear off” (pun intended) for over an hour in the recovery room.  I kept asking him if was following me and remembering what I was saying.  He reassured me that he was.  Later that night, I asked him a question about something I had told him in the hospital.  He looked at me with a blank stare — he had NO idea what I was talking about 🙂 looks like I get to tell all my stories again.

– I don’t think I ever realized that Audra totally has Dave’s ears.  I am terrible at looking at people and their children being able to see what features belong to which parent.  But I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Dave’s ears recently; and today when I sat down to feed Audra I got a good look at her ears and realized they look very familiar.  Lo & behold, she’s got her Daddy’s ears-lucky girl.

– at Conner’s soccer game last week, I was told by our neighbors that on the way to practice Conner claimed that Dave always had one BIG ear and one SMALL ear.  Luckily the big ear was the sick one, so now they are both the same size.  I’m going to trust that is how he really feels because kids usually do say things like they see them.

– absolutely cracks me up that Dave can’t turn his head.  When he needs to see something or talk to me, he just moves his eyes and keeps his head stiff.

Recovery is going well.  Dave definitely overdid it last week, and paid for it this weekend!  He learned the hard way to take it slow.  His stitches come out Oct. 8.  After that we start the cream; that will be applied for a month; then a biopsy to make sure all is well; then we wait for all the skin to heal; and then we look into plastic surgery!  In the meantime, Dave’s co-workers have come up with a new name for him:  Nemo (he’s got a lucky “ear”).  Here is the amazing gift basket they gave him . . . I first saw this gift basket in an email which was titled:  Nemo gets gluten!  Nothing like lots of gluten to help you heal.


One thought on “|bright side|

  1. I am lucky to have such a wonderful wife to take care of me. I overdid it last week, that’s true, but it was Amber who paid for it-taking care of all four of us all weekend. Thanks honey.

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