|24 hours in a day|

And only a few moments are spent watching this beautiful creature, my daughter, eat her toes in the tub!  Absolutely some of my favorite minutes ever!

Other minutes are spent
listening to her growl (seriously like a wild animal),
and “dadadada” (wonder what her first word will be),
helping her eat ferociously from a spoon and get it all over her smooth face,
watching her get excited when someone plays peek-a-boo or talks to her,
seeing her eyes light up, face smile when she is retrieved from her crib,
smelling her delicious skin, especially cheeks,
and occasionally a now non-new baby diaper smell,
holding her on my shoulder while she sucks her little left thumb,
or while she attempts to grab & eat any jewelry that may be dangling from me,
loving having her to watch, smell, hear, and ENJOY!


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