|akuna matata|

….. my worry free philosophy …..

Unfortunately, the worry is not over at our house.  Dave talked with the oncologist this morning; the results are in from his ear.  And they are not what we were hoping for.  They found what is termed as pre melanoma on the back of his ear.  So it is considered Stage 0.  The options are to go under again and remove more of his ear, or to try a topical creme.

The oncologist was unfamiliar with this creme, so she spent some time talking with a dermatologist and learning all about it. She called Dave back and said she feels like the creme would be a good way to go.  I don’t quite understand what this creme does (maybe Dave can pipe in), but it has a high success rate.  We are thinking this is the route we will take.  There is still a bit of information we need, but at least the initial news has settled in and we can move forward.

On a lighter note:  Conner, myself, my mom, Casey and MaKenna were able to go to the Lion King a few weeks ago.  Conner loved it!  How could he not.  It is such an entertaining show – even from farther away (nothing like sitting on the front row in NY).  He sat on the edge of his seat for the entire 2 1/2 hours.  He was engaged in figuring out how the people fit inside the animal costumes — he figured most of them out!

It was a fun date night with my little 2nd grader!  Can’t wait to take Logan in a few years.


One thought on “|akuna matata|

  1. The cream is called Aldera and it works like an auto-immune trigger. What ever you put it on your white blood cells attack and kill. A friend of mine used it on some BCC on his nose a few years ago and it worked great, so I am encouraged. It will delay any potential plastic surgery on my ear, tho, but i don’t mind.

    All in all, this is really just one step away from perfect. Nodes are clear, there’s just this little bit we have to clean up on the edge of my ear. I’m feeling pretty good about it. Now if I can just get rid of the lortab hangover things would be great.

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