|the ear|

Let me just say that taking care of “4” children hasn’t been as easy as I thought.  I knew Dave would be out of commission for a while, so I decided to liken it to him going out-of-town — I don’t like that, but I can handle it.  Turns out it has been nothing like that, because I’ve also got to take care of him.  And it’s not only the taking care of. On top of everything else is the worry I have.  Is he going to be okay?  How much pain is he in?  Is he feeling sad?  Needless to say, it has been a VERY exhausting few days.

On Friday we were able to learn that the nodes came back negative.  HUGE!  Huge sense of relief.  We took Dave to a follow-up visit and the doctor was so excited she could barely contain herself.  Dave and I weren’t expecting to find out that soon, so it took us a second to realize what she was saying; we quickly got on board and felt a big weight being lifted off us.

The other thing that has made these long days more bearable is family, family, family & friends, friends, friends & neighbors, neighbors, neighbors!  Seriously, people are simply awesome!  This past weekend was my annual girls get-away to Park City.  When we originally scheduled Dave’s surgery, he had the wherewithal to realize if he had surgery on the 9th that would mean I wouldn’t be able to go.  I didn’t care; I knew we had to do it and neither of us would be happy if we waited another week.  I was really looking forward to my weekend away (and had been pumping like crazy in anticipation of it), but it became much less important as our lives changed.

Well, my mom decided and became very insistent that I go for at least part of the weekend.  She arranged with my sisters and they made me go — I had no choice.  And when it came right down to it, I absolutely needed to get away.  I was able to head up Saturday morning and stayed until as late as I felt was safe to drive home.  It was AWESOME!  I got to shop, eat, chat, eat some more, shop some more, play games, laugh, and just relax.  These women have been a big part of my life for decades and it meant so much to me to have them support me in this time.  And the sacrifice that my mom & sisters made has brought me to tears.  Their willingness and persistence were just what I needed; I guess mom’s are always right :-)!

As it stands right now, Dave is still in a bit of pain.  His swelling has gone down a little.  He was finally able to shower yesterday.  And he is hanging in there.  His ear stitches will be in for at least a month, and his 2 inch scar along his jaw line looks good and should heal up quite nicely.  As long as the results for the skin come back clear tomorrow we are done with this road; except for the required 4 month checks for the next 5 years.  It’s been a whirlwind, but one where I have been reminded of how many incredible people I am lucky to know and love!

P.S. Dave’s new nickname (as given to him by his fellow co-workers) is Nemo!  We think it fits just swimmingly (pun intended).  With all the drugs he’s on, he’s a pretty good sport about us making light of his new look.


3 thoughts on “|the ear|

  1. I’m so glad things are going well! I just made a dermatologist appointment for my husband today, his dad luckily caught melanoma in time and now hearing about Dave, I don’t want to take any chances. Thanks for sharing, we’re thinking of you!

  2. The ear looks great and we were so happy to hear about the negative lymph nodes! Hope the news is good today, as well. Your mom is amazing, as well as your sisters- what a great break for you! I wish I could be there more for my daughters, but I’ll happily settle for the times that we do get to be together, especially when there is a joyful,life-changing event like a new baby. Amy and Jack are doing well.

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