|lighten it up|

Thank you, thank you all for your VERY kind words, support, and prayers.  Dave and I feel very at peace and are very anxious for the surgery and the results.  We truly have felt your prayers and know we are being taken care of by our Heavenly Father.

Because it seemed our lives changed so quickly (it’s only been a week today that we learned the news), we decided we needed to lighten things up around here for the weekend & just spend time together as a family.

Friday night we headed to the local jumping house and let the kiddos go crazy!  Even Audra got in on the fun, she loved being bounced.  Conner couldn’t go up and down the big slide enough; and Logan was a bit nervous at first, but enjoyed having the “4 & under” bouncers nearly to himself.

Saturday was a day for the books!  Friday morning, Conner had told me he wanted to learn to ride his bike without training wheels by Christmas (I think being the only 7 year old in the neighborhood who can’t ride a bike was getting to him).  Dave and he went out on Saturday to remove the training wheels and give it a whirl.  Not 10 minutes later, Dave came running in telling me to get outside.  There was Conner zipping around on his bike — no training wheels, all by himself!  AWESOME!  He’s been going like crazy ever since.

Our Labor Day was a lazy one, which is what we needed.  We started the morning doing a 3 mile family jog/bike ride.  Conner riding his bike; Dave and I jogging; Logan and Audra being pushed by Dave.  It was so great to be all together!  The day ended on Ensign Peak.  We hiked up with G&G Tanner, Ali, Meggie & Kade.  It was a bit more of a hike then we thought; especially with a 3 year old, but the view was awesome.  The boys had a great time watching the planes take off at the airport with Grandpa.

It was nice to just be together as a family; remembering what is most important as we prepare for this week ahead of us!
Thanks again!
We’ll keep everyone posted!


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