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Since we weren't here, he gets an "after" school picture!

Once again, we’ve had an eventful day as a family.  First, it was Logan’s first day of Preschool.  He has waited for this day since late Spring when I registered him; and has asked about it every day since Conner started school last week.  I realize he is only 2 (turning 3 in just a few weeks), but this kid absolutely needs some social interaction.  I don’t care if he learns a darn thing (although, he is pretty smart and probably can’t help himself).  And I think he and I could use some time apart.  Only time will tell if he ends up with 3 years of Preschool, or if Dave gets his way and we put him in Kindergarten early.

So, today was the day.  But because of what else happened today, Grandpa T was awesome enough to take Logie.  Then Dave and I were able to pick him up.  He just had the best time singing songs, making his own backpack, having snacks and playing outside.  Plus, he got to check out a “Lightning McQueen” book which made his day (he is NOT going to be happy to return it)!

Secondly, and more importantly Dave and I spent the day at the hospital meeting with the surgical oncologist.  His melanoma is considered stage 2 right now because of its depth.  He will have surgery next Thursday to remove a pizza slice (see picture below) from his ear and to remove all the lymph nodes that are connected to the ear.  His ear will be significantly smaller, which he is having a hard time dealing with.  We will find out the following Monday if the cancer has spread.  We really like the surgical oncologist and both feel very at peace.  We hope that this is the end of the road for us, because we are not all that fond of the “C” word around here!


2 thoughts on “|news & new|

  1. Dave and Amber,
    We are so sorry to hear about the melanoma. What a scary disease. You will be in our prayers and I’ll call the LA Temple and put Dave’s name on the Prayer Roll. (I’m in California helping Amy and family with their new baby.) We wish you peace as you wait for the surgery and that all will go even better than expected. Love, David and Jan

  2. And I’ll do the Tokyo Temple. We don’t care about the size of his ear, just his life! Thanks for the update – I had been wondering.

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