When the day started today, I did not expect to find Audra on her tummy in her crib.  She is officially my earliest roller, I thought she had a good 2 months before that milestone.  She had started rolling a bit last night, but I was still surprised.

I also did not expect to find out that my guy, my hubby, the father of my amazing children, my partner has melanoma!!  He went in for a routine dermatology appointment last week; had a mole on his ear removed (this same mole has been looked at MANY times over the years, but was never cause for concern); and this morning we learned the news.  We meet with the specialist on Thursday to learn more…..seems like a long way away!


5 thoughts on “|unexpected|

  1. All,

    Initial pathology report seems to indicate that this is early stage melanoma, but we won’t learn anything new about the situation till Thursday. More cutting on my ear is almost certain. No fun.

    Moral of the story: SUNSCREEN! Slather it on your children. Limit sun exposure.

  2. Eagerly waiting to hear how Thursday goes. Gosh, scary stuff. It runs in my family, we should all go to a dermatologist. We’ll be praying for you. Keep me posted.

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