|the saga of the freezer|

This is Dave with another guest post. I had an adventure yesterday (Saturday) that I just have to share.

We’ll pick up the story after lunch. I had finished mowing the lawn and Amber was getting ready to go to Park City for the afternoon to go shopping with her mom and sisters. I had decided that I was just going to relax for the rest of the day since I had been going non-stop for weeks. Amber declared to me in motherly, in-charge tones, “no hot dogs and no breakfast for dinner.” I told her I was going to make corn bread and chili for dinner. In an effort to keep me from just opening a can and heating it up (seriously, what is wrong with that??) Amber finds me a recipe for chili and says “you should make this.” OK, whatever.

Fast forward a couple of hours. Logan and Audgie are asleep. Amber is gone. Conner and I are watching Episode IV. I think to myself “I should just make that chili really fast so it can simmer for a few hours. Amber will be impressed.” So I get up and start gathering the ingredients. To my horror and dismay, when I open the freezer I find that it is barely cold in there at all, and that many things are beginning to defrost. The top half of the freezer is encrusted with inches of ice, while the bottom is disturbingly balmy.

I had no choice but to spring into action. My theory is that if I defrost the thing that it will work better. I get everything out and into coolers or the freezer inside. This is when I begin to identify some casualties that just go straight to the trash. Using Amber’s blow dryer and a scraper I get all the ice out. Plug it back in and leave it for a while. No joy. After a couple of hours it’s barely even cool inside. Must find a new freezer, STAT!

By this time it’s late afternoon. I have three problems: Problem 1: Amber is on her way home, but not here yet (I made the decision to not alert her to the problem since I did not want to alarm her. She deserved an uninterrupted afternoon, although I did tell her when she called). Problem 2: I needed to find a freezer for sale. Problem 3: I needed to find a truck to transport it.

So, I did what any resourceful Utahn would do when he wants to find something fast: I looked on KSL classifieds. I did not want to buy a new freezer, just didn’t feel like spending that much money. I called one guy who was selling a freezer for $50. He said that someone was coming to pick it up. I called another guy that had a couple for sale and just got his voicemail. By this time Amber was home. It started to look like we were going to be forced to buy a new one. Ugh.

We finally find an as-is freezer at the RC Willey outlet all the way down in West Jordan. My brother-in-law’s brother lets me borrow his truck. By 8 PM I’m on my way to pick it up. I get there, find the freezer, and my heart sinks. It looks like it has been through world war 3. Not gonna work. By now it’s 9:50 and my options are starting to run out. After conferring with Amber we begrudgingly decide to just buy a new one.

So I am at the checkout counter, paying nearly $600 for a brand new freezer when I get a text from the $50 guy. He says his freezer is available. We decide to take it. I make them back the transaction out at RC Willey and get in the truck and start the hour drive from West Jordan to Layton. Then the next bombshell: $50 guy calls me as I am getting on the freeway and tells me that the guy that was going to pick it up before just texted him telling him he was on his way. Basically, the freezer was no longer available. At this point I am up the creek without a paddle. It’s after 9 on a saturday night. What am I going to do?

Just at that moment the guy that had a couple of freezers for sale called me back. He was willing to open his shop so I could come look at his freezers! He had just gotten done with his daughter’s birthday party. What a stud! I get to his shop and he has a perfect unit for us. I pay him, hit the road, and get it home and in place with the help of my brother in law.

So much for my relaxing afternoon. It’s after 11 before we are done loading it up. I checked it this morning and everything is solid as a rock. The moral of the story: always involve the Lord in scenarios like this and He will help you figure it out. It may not be fun, but it will all work out in the end.


One thought on “|the saga of the freezer|

  1. I so appreciated Dave taking care of it all, even though I’m pretty sure the freezer really did die the day Dave left for Boston. Where would we be without an incredibly supportive family who was available when we needed them!

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