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Remember when I mentioned that Dave is never here {gone traveling for work}, well I rest my case.  He is once again MIA, this time to Boston.  And this week was not only the first week of school, but the first week of soccer.  Since Dave missed the first game, I thought he would enjoy a play-by-play:

-Remember our child who wouldn’t go near the ball??? Well, his new technique consists of running towards the ball, almost getting there and then looking up to see if someone else is coming; if they are, he immediately backs off.
-A personal favorite moment was when he actually blocked it from going in the goal and then just started kicking it . . . kicking it right out of the field & he just kept on going 🙂 totally oblivious to any lines or whistle blowing.
-When playing defense, if I attempt to yell and tell him to get the ball, he yells back that he can’t cross the line because he is defender — does he take everything literal or what?

It really was a fun game to watch.  They are now on a full field, there are lots of players and serious rules.

And I got to watch the first 35 minutes of the game while Logan snapped photos and cheered on his brother & Audgie sat blowing raspberries from her stroller.  Suddenly, she got famished (she should have been hungry long before then) so I proceeded to give her her bottle.  About 5 minutes into that, Logan announces he needs to go potty.  I tell him he needs to wait just a minute (but he had finished off Conner’s entire water bottle).  About this time the game gets over and while attempting to pay attention to all that, Logan is walking around saying something.  Finally I look at him and he is saying, “I go wet right here,” while starting to pull down his pants.  I quickly put a stop to that (BTW- thanks daddy for allowing him to think that this would even be a possibility) and tell him we will go to the bathroom right then.  Conner comes running over with his game treat, dripping in sweat.  I tell him to hold Audra, finish feeding her and we will be right back.  Logan and I trudge all the way across the field to the bathroom (in the 95 degree heat, mind you).  And I know you know what happens next . . . “no need to go potty!!!!!”  I didn’t have any energy to argue, just told him if he wet his pants he would go to bed.

Headed back across the field, packed everything up and headed out.  May I just remind you who suggested walking to the park?  Sounds good, but pushing 80+ pounds in the stroller, while carrying chairs on my back, in the heat (did I mention how stinking hot it was), across thick grass, uphill, while starving . . . not fun at all!!  By the time we got home, I was dragging; almost didn’t make it up the driveway.

It felt like one of those parenting moments when everything collides at once.  It’s probably because on our way to the game I was thinking how I had it all together.  Everyone was happy, we were outside and walking, we were on time and prepared, etc.  It came back and bit me!  And I can’t tell you how many times I wished you were there; but I did it and another day is over!  Maybe I should learn a lesson from our little soccer player and stop focusing on the goal {not being a single parent} and just dance around the ball {just do the bare minimum to survive until your return :-)}!



2 thoughts on “|postcards of a day|

  1. The part about “I go wet right here” is priceless. Come on, the kid is brilliant! Thank you to my dear wife for supporting me in my work. This thing at Harvard is going to rock!

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