|the hap — happiest time of the year|

Or so I used to think.  The day school let out for Summer, was not necessarily a happy one for me.  I knew I then had 3 children to care for and entertain all day.  I just wanted school back in session then.

Three months later and I now have a different perspective.  Now I don’t want Summer to be over, and Conner to be back in school.  What am I going to do without his help & starting a schedule again – no thanks :-)! But alas, here we are on the first day of 2nd grade.  Little Mr. C was not nervous at all; he even slept way in (couldn’t do that during the Summer though) and casually went about his business.  It even felt like school time with the chill in the air, so we had a quick wardrobe switch, and he was out the door with Dave.  Off to another great year, off to learn new things, make new friends, and smell like those elementary kids do (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about)! We are excited about his teacher and he’s got lots of friends in his class — sounds like 2nd grade will be a good one.

And how quickly we get right back into a routine.  Felt like just yesterday that I was loading up the A & L crew to pick up the kids, and here we are again.  Back to the life of carpool, homework, and dreading that 3:30 hour (or 1:30 today, as for some silly reason it was early-out)!!   Oh, and you can tell school is in session . . . at Target it was just the moms and the yelling kids.  Definitely a season of change.

–Conner learned today {on his very first day} that the only reason his pants stayed up was because of his shoes … nice!
–Logan also learned a thing or two.  For example, when eating a chip it is much louder when you cover your ears.  He experimented with this all during lunch ….. cute!


2 thoughts on “|the hap — happiest time of the year|

  1. OK I wish I would have seen Logan’s experimenting. And I am glad our little Einstein was able to draw such a complicated conclusion about his pants. Let the wild rumpus start!

    PS, sorry about the goofy pic of Con. You can’t get that kid to smile normal, especially with the sun in his face. Wonder where he gets that.

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