|FAIRly eventful day|

Dave and I were recently discussing Saturdays.  To him, they are a unique day.  A day without work, church, and almost free of any responsibility (depends on my motivation).  To me, it is just another day.  Dave thought that was sad for me, but the one nice thing about most Saturdays is that Dave is here with us.  So because of this, we decided to make the most of our day. The last Saturday of “Summer” (only because school starts on Monday, not because the equinox has changed).

I remember when Little Audgie was born thinking that in August she would be 6 months old and then our Summer would nearly be over.  Well, we have arrived.  And because of this, we decided to introduce her to the bib, spoon and food with taste.  The sweet potatoes were very well received!!  It was like she knew what she was doing — opening her mouth, gobbling it up, and leaning in for more.  I hadn’t anticipated feeding her the entire container, but she was willing and ready so she polished it off.  One of those momentous days, that she made super cute!

After a short nap, Baby A and the rest of the family {along with G&G Tanner, Meg, Ty, Kade, & Ali} headed out the Davis County Fair.  We have been attending since Conner was 4 months old, and I don’t think we have missed a year since.  In case you haven’t noticed, the photo collage is my new favorite thing because I can showcase so many photos much more quickly.
So without further adieu . . . if you had fun at the Fair, make a weird/serious face:

. . . or, if you had a fabulous time at the Fair, then ride the “Hammer” and make sure it goes for nearly 10 minutes so you can scream loud enough for everyone to hear, and then know you won’t feel well afterwards (we’re talking to you Meggie & Iya):

. . . or, if you had fun at the Fair, ride on another ride, wave every time you go by, try not to get squished by your laughing + crying hysterical sister, and know that you are getting too old for such fun!

. . . lastly, if you had fun at the Fair be sure to check out the livestock: a lizard & tortoise {there also were more appropriate animals}:


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