|timeless treasures|

Yesterday we had the opportunity to travel to Utah County, Payson to be exact, to visit my G&G Tanner.  They are 94 years old and some of the most amazing people.  They have lived in the same house for 60+ years and raised 6 children (my dad is 2nd to youngest).  They have traveled the world, grown a beautiful garden year after year, and been very generous in all they do.  I really consider myself blessed to be a member of their family and part of their legacy.  We enjoyed Sunday dinner with them and then we had the best time going through Grandma’s treasures in her cedar chest.  And she was smart enough to label many of the things so as to remember what they are and where they are from.  It was fun to see all of her treasures and hear her stories.  There were some very old and beautiful items.  Perhaps the strangest thing we came across was a piece of their wedding cake —- only 69 years old.

We also had a fashion show of Grandma’s Sunday hats and a wig we came across.  I have a lot of memories of my Grandma Tanner, but now I have a new favorite:  when my mom tried on her wig, my Grandma laughed so hard.  Seeing her crack up over something she probably once wore, was classic.    Seeing all the things she has kept, makes me really want to hang onto more things for my family to enjoy.  Things may not seem all that special now, but someday they may be . . . . to someone!

It was wonderful to catch up with them and to let my children form some memories with their great-grandparents.


3 thoughts on “|timeless treasures|

  1. Wonderful group picture! This will be a treasure. Glad you all took the time to go and visit. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. Wow, I didn’t even know she had a cedar chest full of treasure! They are amazing, I wish we could visit more often. I can’t get over that cake, why didn’t it get green and fuzzy?

  3. How fun! Great pictures and stories.I didn’t know they still had the cake either! We’re hoping to see them over Labor Day weekend.

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