|dear daddy: DAY 3|

I’ve had fun and this morning I got everything out for breakfast and I also played with Teev and we selled candy from a wagon walking around the neighborhood.  And we played Lego Star Wars too.  And we went to the park with McKenna and Aubree; we played in the creek and we played on the playground and we digged in the sand.  And we ate caramel popcorn.  Now I’m reading my Magic School Bus book and getting ready for bed.  See you tomorrow!


p.s. Logan had fun painting and thinks every sound is you opening the garage

p.p.s. Audra pooped in the Bumbo . . . . again . . . . and made a big mess

p.p.p.s Logan pooped in the potty and got a special prize from Meggie

p.p.p.p.s Mommy misses you and all your help


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