|excuse me while i digress|

Looks like I forgot to mention one of our favorite yearly traditions; must be because I have been in the midst of coming up with jobs and entertainment for a 7 year old, directing the flow of urine for a 2 year old, kissing and laughing a 5 month old, and chilling in the scorching Summer heat.

This time last year we had just found out my mom’s diagnosis…..so weird that it has been a year.  She was unable to attend the annual 24th of July fireworks because she was in the hospital after her biopsy surgery (is that redundant).  This year she was with us and we all couldn’t have been happier.  It was a fantastic show – as usual and a fun family evening.  It was also the year that Logan decided he didn’t like fireworks.  We casually mentioned that we were going to see fireworks, he said he didn’t want to go, we changed the story to just going to a park, he agreed to come (a little white lie is sometimes a parents best friend).  We ate dinner, played around and then suggested he retire to his whammies (AKA pjs).  Okay, I may have slipped and said something about watching fireworks in jammies……well, that little kid was frozen with fear from then on out (about an hour).  Luckily Grandma stepped in and created a fortress for Logan out of blankets.  He referred to it as his “house.”  This is where he stayed for the entire show; no amount of bribery or offerings could get him to even glance at the sky.

Once the awesomeness was over, we rescued him from his abode only to find him drenched in sweat and unable to stand —- he had been so paralyzed with fear that his whole body was tense and unable to support himself.

In the car on the way home and even now he will tell you how fantastic the fireworks were (as if he saw them) . . . apparently he loved every minute and could feel them in his head and tummy.  He will also throw in the fact that Grandma made him a house, but makes no mention of staying in there the entire time!  He is such a character.

Conner and Audra {and their parents} LOVED the show!  Little Augie just sat staring at the sky, mesmerized by the lights and action!

It was another successful 24th!  Can’t wait to see what adventure it brings next year — maybe it won’t involve a newly potty trained 2 year old and an empty water bottle!


One thought on “|excuse me while i digress|

  1. I have a stinkin cute little family. It was a fun 24th! Too bad my parents and nephew didn’t make it down in time for the fun.

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